Eve Skill Monitor widget (for Mac OS X)

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Eve Skill Monitor OS X Widget


Eve Skill Monitor v2.2.5

Get your API Key

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Skill completion notification

Themeable - send me your themes! Click here for terrible instructions on theming.

Now works on the iPhone through Widgetop (v2 pending approval).

Countdown timer.

Now has Loading Indicator.

Change widget color to differentiate accounts.

Automagically rechecks for skill changes.

Notifies you of updates.

Extendable tray contains added info:

Wallet Balance.

Total SP.

Train Rate (SP / hr).

Skill Finish Date.


Email upon skill finish

Add indicator for character that will finish skill first, when using multiple widgets.

User wishlist

Show percent complete/time elapsed.

Make a central widget handle multiple accounts.


2011/02/23 - Updated to use new Eve image server.

2009/04/05 - Added Aura and Trinity themes by Davan Sarn. New, more Eve-like widget icon.

2008/08/15 - Added Mute option on the back. Click Sound icon to toggle. Mute On/Off icons provided by Davan Sarn.

2008/03/04 - Added clickable 12 or 24 hr time format on skill finish time. Click time to toggle.

2008/02/29 - Fixed 12 PM displaying as 12 AM. Hopefully fixed API key change to work properly.

2007/12/19 - Added notification. Fixed theming prefs bug. Fixed minor logic error with training data.

2007/12/14 - Added theme support. Changed time to display in 12-hr format.

2007/12/10 - Accounted for "feature" in Eve API that shows two characters training at once.

2007/11/18 - Preferences will now be saved between version upgrades.

2007/11/11 - Fixed Glass buttons appearing broken in Leopard.

2007/11/09 - Fixed User ID field to accept 7 digit IDs.

2007/11/09 - Completely redesigned inside and out. Added tray, load indicator, character pic, error screen.

2007/07/27 - Added wallet balance to the front.

2007/07/20 - Developing again. Uses Eve API, periodically rechecks skills, remembers accounts across versions.

2007/06/05 - Created an icon for the widget, since I was playing with Inkscape.

2007/03/01 - No longer actively developing this project. Posting Dashcode project for others to continue.

2007/02/27 - Added colors, fixed a preference bug for first ever widget, fixed update notification

2007/02/26 - Incorporated Da'kin's bugfix for a different loading problem

2007/02/21 - Incorporated Stainless Rat's bugfix for the loading problem. Working on colors...

2007/02/08 - Added Update system. Now remembers last skill training info and username.

2007/02/06 - Fixed XML logic error, timer bug. Added place-holder 'Remember Login' checkbox on back.

2007/02/02 - Hopefully a fix for the 'Updating...' hang. Added more handling of odd circumstances.

2007/01/31 - Hopefully a fix for the 'Updating...' hang after inactive char name is displayed.

2007/01/30 - Now doesn't try to refresh data every time you open the Dashboard.